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Storm Strikes Again

Roofing problems are often the main contributor to floods when storm season is upon us.   Missing tiles, sun beaten tar paper and clogged drains are a... READ MORE

Residential water damage

Property managers are constantly the go between homeowners and tenants.  The period of time between tenants is tough to manage.  In this situation, pr... READ MORE

Residential Fire Restoration Services

When restoring after residential fires, one of the biggest concerns is odor.  Depending on the type of smoke and building materials affected restorers ofte... READ MORE

Commercial water loss

Commercial water damages are typically a nightmare for business owners as they still have a business to run!  Luckily, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas respon... READ MORE

Flash Flood Storm

Las Vegas isn’t known for its storms, often times, facilities drainage systems are never put to the test.  However, when a real storm barrels through... READ MORE

Water Damage Las Vegas

This homeowner returned to his residence to find over an inch of standing water everywhere.  Luckily, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was able to get onsite ... READ MORE

Porcelain Figurines

When dealing with the devastation of residential fires it is often times the little things that count.  Here we see a lifetime of achievement awards from A... READ MORE

Residential Fire Restoration Services

A well known, established, general contractor contacted SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas for help on this residential fire based on reputation and quality.  U... READ MORE

Residential two-story water damage

An upstairs toilet supply line failed and created several inches of standing water throughout this Las Vegas resident’s home.  SERVPRO of Northern La... READ MORE

Residential Mold Remedation

Our customer arrived to back to his summer home, here in Las Vegas, to find his entire home riddled with mold.  An upstairs bathroom sink supply line that ... READ MORE