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Swollen Baseboard

Swollen Baseboard

Water left with out a proper dry out can leave behind more damage and more unseen problems in your future. Don't ignore a small leak because it can lead to more issues including microbial growth.

Flooded Docking Bay

Flooded Docking Bay

Vegas was hit was some non-stop heavy rain. A large retail facility's docking bay flooded due to a clogged drain pipe. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was called out to extract and limit damage to the main retail floor after it flooded as well.

Heavy Smoke

Heavy Smoke

You can see the outline of contents left on the counter after very heavy smoke settled.  The counters should be white but due to this massive loss they black here.

Water & Oil

Fire Suppression System

The fire suppression system (over head sprinklers) went of when the CNC machine caught fire. The machines use oil so to work, when the sprinklers went off it water logged the machines and flooded the facility with not just water but also oil.

Mold under cabinets

Mold growth under cabinets

Mold comes in different forms and types. Upon removing the cabinet it became clear that this was definitely something unlike anything seen before.  Even though it looks odd, we treat all mold types with caution and safety.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in Insulation

A pipe in the ceiling, while the homeowner's were out of town, caused massive damage to their home.  With blown-in insulation in the ceiling it retained the water, becoming heavier and causing the ceiling to collapse.  

Red Rock

Red Rock Canyon

As our crew was in route to a job outside our city limits, they couldn't help but take a minute to capture the beauty of our city.  Driving through Red Rock Canyon on their way to Pahrump, NV.

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

One of the many services we offer is tile cleaning. You'll notice that we have two crew members  working together. One will use a solution on the grout and scrub the grout with a brush before our tile machine follows.

Ceiling Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

At first glance you may not be able to see the amount of smoke that has affected your home but we have techniques and a trained team that will remove the smoke and odor before any painting or repairs begin. This photos show the difference in our two-step cleaning process. We first use chem sponges to get rid of as much smoke and soot as possible, and then use a damp solution for final cleaning.

Bathroom Smoke Damage

Bathroom Smoke Devastation

Devastation struck when this family's home caught fire from cooking in the kitchen. Thankfully everyone got out save but the damage to the home from the water and the fire spread throughout every room.  This is a look at what can happen from smoke, soot and water. 

Severe Mold Problems

When dealing with homes across the Las Vegas valley we often see homes going through transition periods, mainly, between tenants or during sales transactions.  During these times homes are especially vulnerable due to vacancy.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas suggests checking on these homes daily or until your financial obligation to the property has changed hands. In the summer heat, it doesn’t take long for an unidentified water loss to escalate into a necessity for severe mold remediation and extensive repairs.  If you find yourself in the need for mold remediation, call SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas today.  We will schedule a visit and educate you on the remediation process and develop a plan that works!

Melted Materials

Under extreme heat, fire can make metal and plastic start to look like wax. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can help put together a list of salvageable and total loss items, to make sure you get the right reimbursement back with your insurance company and nothing goes forgotten.  

Removal of Drywall

Depending on the category of water, we have had great success drying materials in place.  However there are times and circumstances that do not allow this.  Just because we remove the material does not mean that there is going to be a huge mess. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas technicians are trained to complete CLEAN demo! We try to make demolition as clean as possible to eliminate any possible dust or disturbances. Sometimes we may even use machines to scrub the air to remove any airborne dust in a home or job-site. 

Las Vegas Mold Remediation

This homeowner returned to his winter residence and realized he had a nasty, unwanted house guest.  A leaky supply line in a small toilet closet created some severe mold issues.   In this situation, the unmitigated water damage created excess humidity in a small toilet closet and created a breeding ground for mold to run rampant.  Luckily, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was on the scene to educate and remediate.  Setting up containment with negative air pressure is the first step in moving forward.  Respirators, gloves and full body suits help keep our technicians safe when removing these contaminated materials.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and soot can cause just as much damage as the fire.  Multiple factors are taken into consideration when you are replacing vs. restoring.  There is a technique to cleaning smoke and soot from your home, and if not done properly can cause even more damage.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can work with you and your insurance company to make sure that we restore your home and belongings, especially those irreplaceable items.

I think we need more than a new fan...

Most house fires start in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean your kitchen will be the only thing affected. Flame and smoke travel faster than you would think. If disaster ever strikes you, call SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas.  

Wood and Water

Hardwood has a natural moisture content.  It is porous and as the material absorbs water it expands causing it to lift, crown or cup.  If the water is caught quickly, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has techniques that will help salvage your hardwood flooring.  However if the material is a man-made laminate or pergo type flooring, most times it is not repairable.  

Commercial Flood

You never know when disaster will strike; luckily SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas is always ready when the situation arises!  For most business’ loss of revenue due to unforeseen inoperability is a nightmare.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has the experience and concern to get you back up a running again!  In this photo we see a flooded showroom needing emergency extraction and water mitigation.  Crews worked tirelessly to remove the standing water to get this business back open.


Containments are used for multiple reasons; mold remediation, dust barrier, weather and temperature, etc.  This helps to contain the materials we are removing or control the temperature of an area due to weather conditions.  

Storm Damage

Summer monsoons test most facilities roof drains, they seek and destroy the weak point and will test the manufactures suggested limitations.  At 10in diameter each drain is capable of moving 3000 gallons of water per minute.  A failed roof drain could potentially send thousands of gallons of storm water into your facility in a matter of minutes during severe monsoons.  In this photo, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was quick to the scene of a failed roof drain.  We extracted the standing water and worked with the facilities manager to mitigate the loss and get the facility back on track “Like it never even happened”. 

Mold Bathtub Cavity

A hot water supply line and lack of ventilation to this Jacuzzi tub cavity created a big problem for this homeowner.  Subsequently due to the granite exterior facade there was little evidence things were this bad behind the scenes.  The warmer water and lack of air flow quickly escalated secondary damages, resulting in the need for severe remediation and substantial reconstruction. 

Severe Water Damage

It is always good practice to turn the water main off while you are traveling.  Unfortunately, for this homeowner, a failed supply line in the upstairs bathroom gushed water for an extended period of time.  One of the biggest factors in minimizing damage caused by water is rectifying and responding to the issue immediately.  Delays in repairing the plumbing issue and removal of standing water will result in a greater degree of absorption and will increase the time and energy required to properly mitigate the residence.  Additionally, the cost to repair the residence, after mitigation, increases exponentially.  When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas can help guide you through your claims process and get you moving forward.

Commercial Roof Drain

Summer monsoons test most facilities roof drains, they seek and destroy the weak point and will test the manufactures suggested limitations.  At 10in diameter each drain is capable of moving 3000 gallons of water per minute.  A failed roof drain could potentially send thousands of gallons of storm water into your facility in a matter of minutes during severe monsoons.  In this photo, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was quick to the scene of a failed roof drain.  We extracted the standing water and worked with the facilities manager to mitigate the loss and get the facility back on track “Like it never even happened”. 

Staging Equipment

Las Vegas isn’t known for tornadoes or raging thunderstorms however, when the weather decides to act up, the end result will have many in disbelief.  With potential for sustained winds of 60mph and Las Vegas’ infamous flash flooding, Mother Nature can be very unforgiving.  When weather strikes SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has got you covered.  From sophisticated moisture detection tools to advanced drying equipment we have the technology and experience to get your home or business dry!

We've Got You Covered

Walking into work and wading through an inch of water is no way to start your day.  Thankfully, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas has the ability to address any size loss.   Our Nationwide brand can mobilize for the largest of jobs.  This photo only shows a portion of the equipment needed to stabilize this monstrous facility.  Over 200 air movers and 15 dehumidifiers rescued this facility from further damage.  

Discrete Commercial Dry Out

SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas is always willing to work with customer’s request to limit material removal.  Here, SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas was able to develop a drying plan that reduced material removal and focused on drying materials out to help minimize the overall downtime.  With minimal material removal, the business was not set back further with extensive and costly repairs. 

Roof Leak

With only an average of 21 days of rainfall a year, Las Vegas is a great location for many homeowners seeking warmer, dry weather.  Be careful though, in the desert, when it rains- it pours!  It is not uncommon for Las Vegas to see beautiful lightning storms and a quick influx of water hitting our homes hard, often times accompanied by brutal winds.  Subsequently, roofing tiles get lifted and water penetrates the structure.  In this photo we can see that the latex based paint has bubbled and the excess moisture in the building materials adversely affected this homeowner’s Powder Room.

Residential Pack-out Services

In some emergencies, damages and affected areas may require extensive repairs.  In order to help homeowners care for and protect their possessions it may be necessary to pack-out heavily affected areas to limit contents damage during the restoration process.  Here, luckily, the tenant had renters insurance which allowed SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas to care for and pack-out our customer’s prized possessions.  Keeping belongings out of the way and protected is a valuable service when trying to minimize the destruction of emergencies. 

SERVPRO & American Red Cross Charity Golf Tournament

One of the perks of living in Las Vegas is the abundance of incredible golf courses.  Here SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas teamed up with the other local SERVPRO franchises and created the American Red Cross Charity event held at Revere golf club.   It was a fantastic day, with high temps barely reaching 75 degrees.  It was a great opportunity to invite our vendors and potential clients out to network and build new, lasting, relationships for a great cause.  The day ended with great news as our Trainer/director franchise and event sponsor PODS announced the event raised over $22,000. 

Residential Fire - SERVPRO Trucks Onsite

It’s understandable that disasters often strike without warning.  Knowing what steps to take first can often times alleviate problems from the start.  SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas offers a wide array of professional services to help in any disaster.   In this case, the homeowner awoke to a fire in the garage, which sent smoke and soot throughout the inside of the home.    With SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas quickly on the scene, we were able to help this homeowner with the correct course of action to minimize headaches and get him back to his normal, daily routine, as quickly as possible. 

Creative Drying System

This commercial property called us right after having a water loss in their office and warehouse.  Outside temperatures were in the 40’s, the unit has no heating / cooling and the customer wanted to save in expenses.  Our crew was able to create a drying chamber with the help of the heat from the dehumidifier.   Effectively drying the walls in place and helping the customer save on unwanted extra expenses.