What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

When you have a flood. They bring over their entire crew and not only clean up but they do it with a smile. My house was ruined do to water damage and I was more then impressed by their quick response and how fast they were able to clean up and dry out my house and get it back to looking better than before the flood.

After our cheap washing machine overflowed & caused damage to our upstairs hallway through to the ceiling downstairs, we called SERVPRO & they came out the next morning and got started! Only really had to deal with the loud de-humidifier & dryers for a little over 2 days. They were really knowledgeable and nice. The company is a franchise, but these guys deserve a call when you need it the most!

I came back from my vacation to a home that was pouring out water. As I entered my house, panic took over and I quickly realized the severity of the situation. Everything I owned seemed to be “underwater”, it was devastating! I remembered a friend from work talking about his flood issue and how SERVPRO was on the scene in no time. Well, that’s exactly what happened. SERVPRO of Northern Las Vegas responded quickly and professionally.  Within a couple hours the water had been sucked up, fans had been placed and my furniture and belongings were no longer taking on water. I was able to take a deep breath, and at that moment I knew everything was going to be ok. Garrett and Tyus explained the process and answered all my questions. Once the job was complete, and after thinking I had lost everything, my house was completely dried out and we were ready for repairs. Thank you SERVPRO. 

A friend used SERVPRO when she had a flood. She told me it would be "Like it never even happened." She was right. Thanks for a job well done!